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We now offer Gas Installations, Pest Control Services and Home Maintenance in the East London area.

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Eradication of pests:

A brief description of the more common pest problems are noted below.

Ants: Interior of house : The floor skirting, window sills, cracks and crevices on preparation tables in kitchen is treated.
Exterior of house: all nests on exterior parameter of the foundation is treated. If numerous nests are found, a garden treatment is recommended.
Fleas: Treatment is a floor treatment, where all carpeted areas, which include floor skirting, cracks & crevices, are covered with a pesticide.
Cockroaches/fish moths: Treatment is applied to all cupboard corner areas, cracks & crevices, skirting, behind fridges and other electrical appliances.
Rodents: Bait stations are used to eradicate rodents.

Since there are numerous treatment methods for other pests not noted above, not all are mentioned here, but we do undertake all pest problems for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.